Sustainability is Integral To Our Business

Seth Hill Quarry Ltd

Pant-y-Ffynnon Quarry (more commonly known as ‘Seth Hill Quarry Ltd”) is a long established limestone quarry providing crushed rock for use in the construction, building and rail industries. Located to the south of the A48 near Bonvilston, South Wales, the quarry has been operational for over 100 years.

Sustainability & Environment

Sustainability is integral to our business and integrated into both the business strategy for the quarry and its day to day operations. Seth Hill aims to develop products and solutions that have significant positive attributes and which contribute to the transformation of the construction, building and railway sectors.

Aggregates can only be extracted where they are found and as such this often means that quarries are located in the countryside. Seth Hill is a prime example of this and careful planning is undertaken to ensure a balance between the need for raw materials and the protection of the environment is achieved. The company’s standards of environmental performance extremely high and includes rigorous day to day management of operations and high quality of land that has been worked.

Sustainability & Environment


Our customers use our aggregates for a large variety of applications:

  • Key component in the construction of walkways, parking lots and railways
  • For drainage, water filtration and erosion control
  • To build bridges, homes and schools
  • As fill material

How it Works

Rock quarries are developed in distinct benches or steps. A controlled explosion is normally used to release the rock from the working face. Large dumper trucks are then loaded by excavator to transport material to a crusher where it is processed and screened to a produce a range of final sizes to suit customers’ requirements.


The company’s roadmap to decarbonising has become vital to everything that we do and we take great pride in what we have achieved to date so far. Whilst there is always more that can be done, we remain focused on delivering our ambition to be a leader in sustainability.

Highlights for the last year include:

  • Initial development of a carbon capture and storage project
  • Efficiency review of aggregate movements on site and by road to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Review on reduction of abstracted water use
  • Reduction of waste to landfill and options for reuse and recycling

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