Recycling today for a better tomorrow

Prichard’s operate out of 4 well established and fully permitted waste recycling & recovery facilities across South Wales. Strategically placed, our recycling centres can be accessed easily from the M4 corridor, Heads of the Valley’s and from many other trunk roads throughout the region.

We offer a wide range of recycling and waste management solutions across Wales and the South West. We have a wealth of experience, serving both the public and private sectors, supporting and promoting the circular economy in Wales and beyond.

From waste to resource, our state-of-the-art Materials Recovery Facility separates household and commercial wastes into a diverse range of materials, providing a high-quality commodity suitable for recycling in UK based paper mills, steel works, glass and plastics reprocessors. Serving both private and public sector organisations, our recycling facilities operate to the very highest of environmental and safety standards.

We proudly operate one of the largest Soils Treatment Facilities in South Wales and are fully licensed to take all aspects of demolition rubble, soils and inert wastes where we recycle your waste into a range of WRAP QP compliant aggregates for reuse within the construction industry.

We also provide a PAS 100 certified compost process, a tailor made wood recycling process and hold Woodsure Certification to supply the highest quality range of wood chip for your biomass supply needs.


Caring Today – Protecting Tomorrow

At the heart of the Prichard’s businesses is the desire to protect and manage the environment today to ensure we provide for a better future tomorrow. We are committed to reducing our carbon emissions to zero by 2050 as per our Carbon Reduction Policy, with a 15% reduction by 2027. This will be achieved by investment in hybrid technology, anti-idling policy and supply chain improvements to name but a few.

We understand that in everything we do there may be an environmental consequence and as such we have developed and adhere to the highest possible environmental standards to ensure that we can remove, minimise or offset any negative impacts. All projects completed by us are done so with environmental improvement as the primary focus. We have implemented environmental management systems, environmental protection procedures and policies and have applied these in a wide range of environmental designations including within Sites of Scientific Special Interest.

Our dedicated and experienced in-house Environmental team ensure that every project complies with all relevant regulatory permit, permissions and controls, which maximises our opportunities to enhance biodiversity and environmental benefits locally and wider afield.

Prichard Holdings Environment

We take your aspirations and our knowledge to create a lasting partnership with the purpose of delivering projects that benefit people, communities and the environment.

Prichard Holdings consists of some of the most thought leading and respected market experts in the UK today. With a constant desire to exceed expectations through delivering efficient, sustainable and cost effective projects and an in-depth approach, which is un-paralleled in the industry.

In line with our environment policy our statement is:

  • to comply with all relevant legislation, regulations, customer requirements and internal requirements
  • to set environmental objectives and targets which are regularly reviewed
  • to consider each stage of a project and undertake environmental risk assessments
  • to minimise energy usage and waste wherever practical
  • to re-use materials wherever practical
  • where re-use is not possible, to segregate and re-cycle materials wherever practical
  • to provide our employees with the necessary training in order to achieve best environmental practice
  • to communicate this policy to all employees in order to obtain their full cooperation
  • to monitor progress using internal auditing
  • to review and revise this policy on a regular basis and make it available to interested parties