Matthew Stone


    • Principal Contractor – remediation works of the 40 acre former Golf Course in Caerphilly. 
    • Excavation of nearly 500,000m3 of material in two phases. 
    • Peat deposits at 4-5m depth which need to be removed out of the development areas and placed into borrow pits in public open space areas. 
    • Excavating and processing 30,000m3 of material per week. Phase 1 will be completed by October 2021 and Phase 2 will commence in 2023. 
    • Our scope includes Section 278 works to construct a new site entrance and the new drainage connections into the site. 
    • Groundwater is a major problem on the site and requires constant pumping, settlement lagoon construction and water control measures in place. 
    • Substantial Japanese Knotweed removal, air monitoring, continuous testing of the site soils and correspondence the Natural Resources Wales and Caerphilly Council.