Morgan Sindall/Pembrokeshire County Council


Prichard’s were appointed by Morgan Sindall and Pembrokeshire County Council to carry out the Demolition of the former Sir Thomas Picton secondary school in Haverfordwest and the earthworks and enabling works following this to achieve the required plateau levels and footprints for the new school buildings. 

The school footprint was over 11,000m2 in size and was demolished by Prichard’s experienced NFDC demolition team within the 21 week programme. 

Asbestos was stripped and safely removed from the site to a licensed disposal facility and all demolition wastes were segregated for onward recycling at Prichard’s recycling centres. 

The concrete foundations, tarmac hardstanding and brick of the school buildings was processed and crushed to a 6F2 grade material for reuse across the site to build up levels, provide hardstanding areas for site compounds and car park and produce a stable platform for the new school footprint. 

The earthworks and remediation works involved the compaction of the existing site subsoil and processed demolition arisings across the site to the formation levels for the new school footprint as well as the enabling works and diversion of existing services throughout the site to feed the new compound and clear the school footprint of services. This included the existing electricity, gas, drinking water and foul drainage throughout the site. 

The works are progressing well and are currently on target for completion on programme and within Morgan Sindall and Pembrokeshire Council’s allocated budgets. 

Topsoil was stripped, screened and stockpiled onsite for reuse in the new school and any surplus was removed from the site. Aggregates were imported to the site for use in the service trenches and all operations were planned and carried out safely with no debris on surrounding roads or complaints from the public or any visitors.