Civil Engineering,


Horan/Redrow Homes


Prichard’s carried out the construction of a large attenuation pond, surrounding infrastructure and access road for Horan Construction on a new Redrow homes site in Llanwern Village, Newport. 

The works consisted of the excavation and removal of over 8,000m3 of topsoil and subsoil and the construction of a 7,000m2 lined basin with welded geomembrane and a protection geotextile. 

Two overhead cables ran across sections of the site and this risk was safely managed using goal posts, small plant and dozers and daily briefings to the work force to reiterate the dangers of working beneath the overhead lines. 

A 700mm diameter drainage pipe was laid the full length of the pond into a hydrobrake chamber. 

The works also included a 800m2 access track constructed out of 6F5 and Type 1 stone with a HB2 kerb edge. The track was then completed using GC2 specification grasscrete laid on a sand bed with topsoil infill to the formers. 5m deep drainage was installed beneath the access track at 1050mm diameter to connect into the hydrobrake. 

Several sections of the road were retained using gabion baskets to allow water to flow through freely into the pond basin. 

The works were constructed within the 14 week site programme and within the allocated budget to the site. 

Prichard’s and Redrow’s Health and safety managers audited the site several times during the project and were extremely happy with the findings and safe manner of operations.