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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

24th March 2020

In amongst all of this chaos, we can’t thank the NHS, supermarket workers and other emergency services who are in the ‘front line’ and have to go to work, no matter what threat they face from this virus.

But somehow, people have forgotten others who are part of a vitally important service! Those who keep our streets clean, our bins emptied and our recycling collected.

We are pleased that those who work in the recycling and waste sector have been recognised as ‘key workers’ by the government.

We hope that all of these people, working hands on in these sectors, continue to get the recognition they absolutely deserve.

We applaud every single person who is working tirelessly to keep this country as safe as it can be during this time - thank you!…/waste-sector-receives-key-wo…/


Prichard's thanking the front line workers

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